Hameg HM8000-series modules

HM8001 Dual Mainframe

HM8003 Single Mainframe

HM8010 Multimeter

HM8011 Multimeter

HM8012 Multimeter

HM8014 Milliohmmeter

HM8015 Power meter

HM8018 LCR-meter

HM8020 Frequency counter

HM8021 Frequency counter

HM8026 Wow & Flutter meter

HM8027 Distortion meter

HM8028 Spectrum analyzer

HM8030 Function generator

HM8032 Sine Wave generator

HM8035 Pulse generator

HM8037 Low Distortion generator

HM8038 Tracking generator

HM8040 Triple power supply

HM8042 Curve tracer

HM8045 PAL TV generator

HM8051/HZ809 Test adapter

HM8070 Checkpoint tester

HM8080/HM800) Blank cabinet

My own Hameg-units

AV8052 Service Adapter

AV8073 Tone Burst Generator

AV8074 SQ Encoder

AV8077 Dual Low Pass Filter

Modules from others

Filter from IMD GmbH

More from IMD GmbH

Mupsi from Arnatronic

(found on the Internet)

NWT-7 from DJ9EON

PG03 from Sensortechnik

(found on Ebay)

PG04 from Sensortechnik
(found on Ebay)

WM800 Power supply and test module
(from Marc)