SM5CBW's video

At about the age of 18 I started to build some electronic instruments and some video gear. This was my "video corner" when I still live at home with my parents. They never undestood what all these boxes was used for and I don't blame them. Today I don't remeber much of it either. Note the Philips 1-inch video recorder EL3402 which at that time was an expensive thing. But on the other hand  I didn't have a motor cycle.

At that time I worked at the Swedish Telecommunication board (Televerket) and I frequently read the German magazines "Funkschau" and "Funk Technik". In one of those I found an article describing how to record color signals on a monochrome video recorder. The system was proposed by Telefunken and was called Tripal. That sounded interesting so I build a unit according to the system definition. More about that under the left link "TRIPAL".
The picture shows the "Tripal Transcoder" at top and my PAL-decoder below it.

Later I got my hand on a Philips VCR and this is what it all looked like.