Tripal Transcoder
The function of the TRIPAL-system was to record one color on each line, like R G B R G B etc. Then in the decoding process two 64 uS delay lines were used to make it possible to have all three signals available simultaneously. That was all I found out so I have to make the construction from scratch. Below you will find all the diagrams of the transcoder that I developed in 1970 when I was 22 years old. My way of drawing diagrams was at that time very influenced by the diagrams from the German company Fernseh GmbH. Some of their diagrams were 297 mm high and 2 meters wide.

Top view of my "Tripal transcoder". Notice the two red Telefunken VL1 delay lines.

Rear view with markings influenced by Fernseh equipment.

Block diagram, although it is in swedish, I am convinced that you can understand the function.

Diagram of input/function selector and power supply etc.

Diagram of encoding RGB-processing with RGB-switch etc.

Diagram of decoding RGB-processing and output amplifier etc.

Diagram of the two 64 uS delay lines with low pass filters etc.