Since Hameg now is a part of Rohde & Schwarz and not a separate company this Hameg site will not be updated anymore with new instruments bearing the brand name Hameg-R&S

The intention with this website is to present as many Hameg-products as possible, mainly past and a few present, for all the amateurs and labs who are looking for and using Hameg's instruments.
You can also consider this site as a "virtual Hameg-museum"

Pictures, data sheets and manuals are from Hameg's website and Hameg has the copyright to all those pictures and documents. They are only mirrowed here for easier download.

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Find Hameg on

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Updated 28 june 2021

Due to personal reasons I have not had the time needed to update my pages with new pictures from members in the Hameg-community.
But rest assured that I will do that as soon as I have more time to spend.


If you are looking for service request and spare parts for Hameg instruments I recommend that you contact Michael Leichum at SKY Messtechnik at
Michael comes from the former Hameg Service Germany and what Michael doesn't know about discontinued Hameg instruments is not worth knowing ;-)

unless otherwise noted

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