AV 3886

This is a homemade power amplifier built around National's power chip LM3886. It has six channels, each with a maximum output power of 50 W into 8 ohms.

Here is the data sheet for LM3886 in PDF-format (852 kB)

The LM3886TF are mounted three on each side panel...

...and the few components needed are mounted the old fashioned way. The component values are from the data sheet.

All interconnections made, time for final assembly. The power supply consists of a transformer with 2x28 Volts AC output, a bridge rectifier and two electrolytic capacitors of 10 000 uF/63 V each. This will give a supply voltage of +40 V and -40 V.

And this is the final result.

The switches at left are for input selection and muting. The LEDs indicates +40V and -40V and to the right are the mains fuse and the power switch.

The 7-pin DIN-connector is the input from the preamplifier and the three 3,5 mm jacks are for a digital 5.1 decoder.

And HERE are the test data