Dynaco FM-3


The Dynaco FM-3 stereo tuner

Close up of the tuning and stereo indicator EMM801.

Top view with the original Dynaco MPX-decoder on the left side.

Close up of the MPX-stereo decoder

Bottom view

For the Swedish market I made a solid state stereo decoder designed around the Mullard LP1400 module.

Bottom view with my decoder.

Frequency response after modifying for 50 uS deemphasis

THD at 1 kHz - mono

THD at 1 kHz - stereo

Signal to noise, 0 dB = 1 volt, FM-carrier 100 MHz 10 mV

Channel separation L = green, R = yellow (the reversed looks the same)

Frequency spectrum right output showing residual 38 kHz carrier and 19 kHz with sidebands