Creative DDTS-100

The DDTS-100 is a decoder for Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES (Matrix and Discrete), Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS NEO:6.

The DDTS-100 has four digital inputs (one coaxial and three optical) and three analog stereo inputs. There are no data available on Creative's website but I have tested some parameters which are shown below.

The analog input clips at 2 Vrms. With approx 1 V input and the volume control at maximum the following data were obtained from analog input 1 to the front (speaker) outputs. Mode switch in position stereo.

The total THD at 1 kHz is well below -90 dB = < 0,003%

The IMD is below -76 dB = < 0,015 %

The DFD is below -105 dB = < 0,0005%

The frequency response looks like this