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This is a small X-ray tube for lab or demo use.
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This is not mutated ICs for color TV. It is Philips NORBITs, and they are in fact small modules with discrete components. Used for various logic systems. Has anyone more info ?
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To supply the anode voltage in a colour picture tube with 25 kV you need some kind of rectifier. The tubes on the left is a GY501 diode and a PD500 ballast triode. The PD500 was used to stabilize the EHT since  the GY501 had relatively high voltage drop. The item on the right is a silicon voltage tripler with low internal resistance. It was made by Siemens around 1970 and it is this kind of rectifier that is still used today.
There are a large number of US tubes for the same purposes.
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In the colour decoder in a PAL (or Secam) TV-set there need to be some means of delaying the chrominance signal prior to decoding. Here are four different delay lines, the grey one is an old one from Philips (DL10, ca 1967), below is the first one from Telefunken (VL1, also ca 1967), upper right shows a newer Telefunken (VL10) and lower right is the latest from Philips (DL700)  before they all went to fix this function digitally in a chip.
The designation VL stands for Verzögerungsleitung = Delay line
Current regulators
Used as stabilizers in battery chargers or as limiters in serial heater chains.
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Various things
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  UV Photo tube
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Quartz crystal in a tube.
Thermo coupler
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STC G240-2D
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56006 Omegatron