This site is dedicated to Electron Tubes with emphasis on older military types. You will not find any data about audio applications.
Since my Tubedata Database software no longer works in Windows 7, 8 or 10, I will add screenshots from that database to as many tubes types that I have time for in the near future.
On many CV-types I have also added links to JMH's  excellent Virtual Valve Museum where more data can be found.
Almost every tube data page has a link to

But I have found that not every type has data sheets on Frank's site.

Site updated: 2018-05-14

Some species of our glowing friends

Gas filled tubes

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Microwave devices

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Tubes that have something to show you

Digits, characters and signs of all kinds
Display tubes

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Counter Tubes

In the twinkle of an eye
Magic eyes

Other CRTs
All about CRTs

Oscilloscope tubes
Oscilloscope CRTs  

Picture tubes
Picture tubes

Tubes sensitive for radiation

Electricity controlled by light

Camera tubes

Radiation detectors

Tube boxes


Tube testers

My specials

Electronic humor

Things I have built

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And some info

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Lots of interesting information about tubes, valves and the history behind them.

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